1. Simply the best at what they do

    “Jules Feiler and The Pitching Staff are simply the best at what they do: raising the public profiles of their clients.  Their personal touch makes it feel like you are working with an old friend who has known you for years and so introducing you and your work to the world feels genuine, honest and credible.  My play was covered by every major newspaper and talk show in America.”

    Charles Messina, playwright, A Room of My Own

  2. Gets things done

    “In a world of big promises… Jules delivers…big. He is creative, practical and gets things done. He has worked with the Friars for a long time and has been a big part of our successful story.”

    Michael L. Gyure Executive Director Friars Club

  3. Great people to work with

    “What I love about the Pitching Staff is that they are always coming up with great ideas and creative ways to get the right kind of media exposure for their clients. That and they’re great people to work with. ”

    Boyd Tinsley, Musician; Dave Matthews Band –Producer of the band, “Crystal Garden”

  4. In a league by themselves

    “We have worked with over a dozen firms over the past 15 plus years. None of them have accomplished for us what Jules Feiler and The Pitching Staff has. Their out of the box thinking and approach along with their incredible contacts keeps PMG and our clients in the forefront of PR and the marketing world. The Pitching Staff is in a league by themselves.”

    Darren Prince, CEO and Founder, Prince Marketing Group

  5. One of the most reliable and honest PR guys out there

    “Jules Feiler is one of the most creative PR guys that I’ve ever known. He thinks out of the box and has a flare for the theatrical. He is one of the most reliable and honest PR guys out there.”

    Louis J. DiBella, Founder and CEO; DiBella Entertainment

  6. If there was a PR Hall of Fame, Jules would be a first ballot inductee

    “I’ve worked with Jules Feiler for well over 20 years. He’s helped give my career a jump start when needed and kept the wheel oiled when I was moving along. He is an old school PR guy who creates and generates stories, to make his clients relevant in today’s market. If there was a PR Hall of Fame, Jules would be a first ballot inductee. He’d be in there with the greats, like Irving Rudd, Mickey Rudin and Milt Moritz”!

    Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini Former Lightweight Champion, actor, producer

  7. Most talented person you could hire

    “Jules Feiler is the most talented person you could hire. I don’t think there’s anyone in his business who can come close to the creative ideas he’s comes up with to help my projects. He understands the world he’s in and is tenacious in getting results. More importantly I trust him. Using The Pitching Staff will be one of the best decisions you can make.”

    Lenny Feinberg MAJ Productions

  8. Absolute best at what he does

    “Jules Feiler is beyond words.  He’s the absolute best at what he does.  Not only does he make things happen, but he is caring, truly passionate about what he does, has brilliant ideas, and is unbelievably generous. He has made amazing things happen in my life, and I am beyond grateful.”

    Chloe Temtchine- Singer/Songwriter

  9. Always beats my expectations

    “Jules Feiler is a one of a kind PR guy, the kind that has always beats my expectations. Get ready for a pitch you never seen before and results that you never thought possible.”

    Cosimo Cavallaro- Artist