“Back when I was a reporter at the New York Post’s “Page Six” column, I would receive dozens of calls and emails a day from publicists trying to “place” an item. I dreaded talking to most of them because their pitches were often soul-crushingly off the mark. But Jules was different. He soon became one of my absolute favorite publicists, because he had a knack for creating something that no one else could. Whether it was arranging an unforgettable party for Mike Tyson attended by everyone from director Jim Jarmusch to members of the Wu-Tang clan, to organizing a night out with the legendary writer Budd Schulberg, he simply knew more interesting people than other publicists. Hey, he even introduced me to a young Bobby Flay before he was famous! Jules rules, plain and simple. If you’re looking for a unique, connected, savvy, smart and eminently capable p.r. mastermind, he’s your man.”

Chris Wilson Digital Director at Maxim Inc. (MAXIM magazine)